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1. Do you find yourself increasingly distracted

2. Do you feel like technology is taking up too much of your time and attention?

3. Remember a time when you were much more present with all your activities?

4. Ever thought there's more to life than what you've been doing but you're not sure how to access it?

5. Feel disillusioned by a society that seems entirely focused on monetary gain?

6. Feel as if you are experiencing things second-hand, filtered through media and entertainment?

7. Lost a sense of ownership to the place you live in?

8. Do you find your quiet talents going unused and unnoticed in a world that values egos, celebrities, publicity, and money?

If you answered YES to three or more of these questions then WE can offer a solution. This small anonymous movement is looking for  "free-thinkers" with BIG ideas.

No experience needed.

Membership is completely anonymous.

The world awaits your GIFT...

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