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Time Unveils God

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Collectve Thursdays hosted “Time Unveils God". T.U.G. is a live hip-hop trio consisting of producer Juice the Giant, and rappers Tony Dangler and Darkie Nobumnyama. Born through the traveling of music through different sounds and waves, the artists of T.U.G. have been active for over 10 years within the South African music scene, all having individual records to their names. 

Brought together by hip-hop creatives Lebohang More and Tebogo Mkhize, The Unexpected Guests bring forth an uplifting and alternative fusion of Zulu and English lyrics together with the raw Soweto raps produced by Juice the Giant on instrumentals and the drum machine. 

T.U.G.’s music is a hotpot of Kasi and Northern Burbs raps, sizzling over hardcore drum machine beats that tell stories from three different walks of life. The Unexpected Guests live performances showcase their music through a drummer and bass guitarist who play over heavy live samples and sounds, underlying lyrics written by two the MC’s in Vernac and English. 


Meet Time Unveils God

Lungile Makhanya 

AKA Juice the Friendly Giant

Record producer, photographer, and talented beat maker hailing from Pinetown, KZN. With experience in the genres of neo-soul, funk, hip-hop, and lo-fi.

Juice the Giant brings his creative drive on instrumentals, presenting them live on stage via drum machines. 

Sipho Shabangu

AKA Tony Dangler


A rapper with a PhD in philosophy, this MC comes from Pietermaritzburg, KZN. Described as one of South Africa’s cream of hip-hop, Tony Dangler represented SA at ‘Sprite’s Uncontainable Hip Hop Battle’ in the USA. Releasing his debut album with Sam Static from Canada, he has two records to his name and a role in the legendary underground rap group, “Revivolution”. Tony Dangler brings hefty experience and great word display to T.U.G.

Samkeliwe Mthembu

AKA Darkie Nobumnyama

Rapper, fashion designer, gifted Kasi rap MC, from Soweto, JHB.

Darkie Nobumnyama is also a founder of Jangalala (an event host and pusher of music production), and has three albums under his belt. He has performed at various events in and around Joburg. Darkie Nobumnyama utilizes his experience, hard work and strength on stage with relevant messages directed at South Africa’s youth through his word placement and rhyme style. 

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