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Collectve Symbols

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

You're probably wondering why the Collectve has chosen 4 simple shapes to represent its existence. Why the shapes sit atop a misspelled 'collective' with a backwards 'E' and upside down

'T'. Perhaps we could've chosen something a little more coherent - oh but we did. You just need somebody to show you so that you can see it

You see these shapes are said to encompass the 4 classic elements of earth, air, fire, water,

together with the elusive 5th element. The symbols commonly known as the Platonic solids - being named after the Greek philosopher & Mathematician -had been discovered at least a thousand years before his time. In fact, the first 3 were identified by Pythagoras. Regardless of "who found it first" the shapes have been described as the building blocks of all existence as they encompass everything in the known universe. The shapes are usually illustrated as regular polyhedrons. Meaning they are multi-sided, 3-dimensional figures whose points or corners all touch the sides of an orb. There are millions of irregular polyhedrons, but only five of them regular. each element represented by its relative solid object.

Earth is the twelve-edged cube or hexahedron. Fire is a six-edged tetrahedron. Air is a twelve-edged octahedron. Water a thirty-edged icosahedron. The 5th element -ether/aether- a thirty-edged dodecahedron.


Okay so now you know where they come from, but how do they fit as Collectve symbols? Firstly the shapes have been simplified- circle, square, triangle, hexagon. Then the illusive 5th element represented as a disorientated 'collectve' with no 'i' (obviously because there's no 'i' in collectve). Now for the final question, what does it all mean to the Collectve?

Here’s what it means to us:

  1. Circle - Air - Without it our existence isn't one, symbolic of the void that keeps us alive.

  2. Square - Earth - Symbol of the solidarity of the earth as a planet as well as a concept.

  3. Triangle - Fire - A powerful force that can make or break anything, also it looks like a flame.

  4. Hexagon - Water - Symbolic of the fluidity of the existence of its character

  5. COLLECTVE - Ether/Aether - Supposedly the shape that was used to arrange all the constellations and as such is therefore the name that brings all the shapes together.

The shapes may not at first appear significant. However, their discovery was of profound importance in our understanding of how the universe & the COLLECTVE work.

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