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The Story of Man

Thabiso's first solo exhibition, 'The Story of Man' showed to a select few guests on the 28th of September, 2016. The collection of the work was critically acclaimed by various publications such as GQ Magazine (South Africa) and various print media outlets and set to put him on the map as a rising fashion photographer.

The show was made up entirely of images commissioned by Thabiso Aro Moyakhe exclusively for this project and varied between coloured stills, black and white portraiture as well as photographs with themes running concurrently with fashion and the arts.

The exhibition exemplified the marriage between what we as people perceive as reality and bridged all these things that constitute this state of actuality such as life, love, religion and thus opened a window into a world that is left untended.

The inclusion of entertainment industry personalities in the work portrayed as everyday people also subliminally illustrated that by birth, we are all the same. The only difference being how we as individuals, with the time given to us, curate our own space in our world so that life becomes your dream.

‘The Story of Man’ focused on each of those constituents surrounding manhood and was achieved through a critically honest and bare visual illustration of what we think we know or is already out there waiting to be discovered. Women also had their part in the show, showing that without either gender, the other cannot exist.

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